How to use uTorrent for Android

By on Thursday, June 20, 2013

uTorrent is now known to all, this is one of the most famous client to download files from the BitTorrent network for free. What not everyone knows is that in addition to being available for Windows and Mac, uTorrent also can be installed on Smartphones (and tablet) Android.
If you are not aware of this, and you hold a terminal equipped with a Google operating system, take five minutes of your free time and let me explain, how to use uTorrent for Android. I assure you that it is very easy,if you already have some familiarity with the desktop version of the application. Let's start now!

If you want to learn how to use uTorrent for Android, the first step you need to do is connect to Google Play Store (from your smartphone or PC), try to download uTorrent on anyone of it. When the download is complete, start the application and begin to download your favorite Torrent. In that way? It's that simple.

Tap the magnifying glass icon located in the lower left-hand corner, type the name of the file you want to find and click on Enter or Search to start searching the Torrent. This will open the default browser of your smartphone with a Google search consists of the terms associated with the word you typed Torrent. Alternatively, you can connect to any of the Torrent sites that you use on YOUR PC and try to download files at the latter.

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To start downloading a Torrent file from Android, tap on the download link on the site you've run your search and select uTorrent as an application in which to open the object. If the site you're using supports magnet links, you can start also downloading the selected file by pressing the icon of the red magnet.

After you have selected the item to be downloaded, it will automatically open uTorrent for Android and it will ask you to provide the folder to save the file. Select the destination that you prefer from the menu Save to (if your phone supports it, by default the MicroSD card is selected) and tap Add to start downloading.

You can also use uTorrent for Android by pasting in the direct links to files that you want to download. Just launch the app, press the Menu key on your smartphone and press the button Add Torrent URL, then enter the address of the file to download in the text field in the middle of the screen, select the destination to save the download in the menu to Save and press on Add to start downloading.

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When the download is completed, you can view the files downloaded with uTorrent for Android by simply pressing on their name (the main screen of the app) and pressing the play button. During the download, you can pause, cancel downloading a Torrent or view the list of files contained in it by simply pressing on its name and then pressing one of three buttons that appear: Pause, Remove, or Files.

If you return to the home screen of Android during a download, uTorrent will continue to download in the background. To fully close the app and stop all downloads, you must Access the main application screen, press the Menu button on your phone and press "Exit" button that appears at the bottom.

Do you want to set limits on the speed of download or upload Torrent on your Android device? Nothing could be easier. Sign in to app settings by pressing the gear icon located at the bottom right and select Download limit options and Upload limit on the menu that opens.

From the same screen you can also set the port that the app should be using to perform the download (TCP Port option) and activate the automatic start uTorrent on Android (Auto-start). There is also an option to activate the download under 3G/4G network (by removing the checkmark from the Use Wi-Fi networks only) but we do not recommend to you if you do not want to consume all your traffic data plan in seconds.

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