How to Make Money from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ via Sharing Links

By on Friday, May 09, 2014

Today's article would be very useful for the people who spend most of their time on Facebook, Google+ and other social media sites, because I'm going to show you a scam free way to make money online from Facebook,twitter,Google+.This one is an 100% legit program to make money online.

With the increase in usage of websites like Facebook, the number of Advertisers also increased. Advertisers are doing everything possible to promote their brand on Facebook like(putting up ads,self promotion,creating a fan page etc).Unfortunately there is not direct way on Facebook (you can also check some facebook tips and tricks), for the advertisers to meet the people and promote their business. This is where SociaLinkMart.com comes into action.

SocialLinkMart.com acts as a medium between the advertisers and people,thereby providing benefits to both the parties.

NOTE: Don't be in a hurry to SignUp at SocailLinkMart. Before that, lets take a look at some of the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) by most of the people.

How can I make money from this program?

Ans: All you need to do is to share the links on your Social media sites like Facebook,Twitter and Google+ from the SocialLinkMart link directory.

How long we need to work, to make money from SocialLinkMart?

Ans: No need for you to spend hours sitting before your system inorder to make money from SocialLinkMart. You just need to spend 3 to 5 minutes to share the links.

What type of Links I need to share?

Ans: I Understand you intension, SocialLinkMart strictly prohibits the usage of adult links in its link directory. You can choose any type of links to share on your profiles and all these links are safe to share on your sites like facebook,twitter etc.

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How Much can I earn from SocialLinkMart?

Ans: Amount of money earned by you will depend on the scores that are given by the SocialLinkMart.
Note: Profiles whose score is less than 350 will be rejected to join the program. The minimum payout for each share with a profile score of 400 is 0.10$.

How will the Score given to my social accounts?

Ans: SocialLinkMart has its own algorithm to alot scores to the profiles. It is mainly based on your activeness in the social media. More you are active on social media, the more score you will get. Technically, SocialLinkMart calls this score as Social Media Authority Score.

When and How can I receive payments?

Ans: SocialLinkMart supports payments through paypal or via Check. If you select Paypal for receiving payments, there would be no transaction fee but if you choose Check, they will charge $10 as a processing fee. Payments will be delivered on first weekend of every month.

How can I Share the links from SocialLinkMart?

Ans: In order to make money from SocialLinkMart, you must share all the links using Firefox Sharing Toolbar only. When you click a link in link directory, the article will be opened in a new tab, then you click on SLM social sharing toolbar.

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NOTE: All the posts that you share on your social media accounts like facebook,twitter,Google+ must be set to public before sharing, otherwise you will not receive your payment.

How to SignUp for SocialLinkMart?

If you have any problem in making money online using SocialLinkMart, please feel free to leave a comment below. We'l try to help you!

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