Best Google Chrome Extensions 2014

By on Sunday, May 11, 2014

Earlier we have shown you some of the best Google chrome extensions, In this article we would like to show the best Google Chrome extensions of 2014. We all know that Chrome is the second most widely used browser, as the number of users keep on increase, Developers are getting themselves busy in bringing up new and innovative extensions to Google Chrome.

Right from blocking ads via Adblock (you can download adblock plus here) to estimating the Carbon Footprint, Google Chrome extensions are very useful to get our work done, without even moving to other web page.

Best Google Chrome extensions 2014

1. Scribe Fire

Scribe Fire is  very useful for the bloggers. This full-featured chrome extension   integrates with chrome browser and allows you to put a blog post quickly and easily.This extension allows you to delete, edit and update posts from chrome browser and is compatible with almost all popular blogging sites like Wordpress and Blogger.

DOWNLOAD | Scribe Fire

2. Silver Bird

This Chrome extension gives you full access to your Twitter feed, without moving away from the site you are currently on. You can check your tweets,upload a picture and even see what’s trending.

DOWNLOAD | Silver Bird

3. Unfriend Notify for Facebook

Unfriend notifications for Facebook, is a chrome extension that updates users every time when someone unfriends them on Facebook.

DOWNLOAD | Unfriend Notifiy for Facebook

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4. StumbleUpon

This chrome extension allows you to stumble the webpages you like, easily with one click.

DOWNLOAD | StumbleUpon

5. Bugmenot Lite

No more having to create accounts just to access articles or web pages. Bugmenot Lite allows users to bypass the login of the websites that asks the users to register before accessing any information from that website. One click and login forms and autofilled with anonymous information. This is why Bugmenot Lite is my favorite chrome extension.

DOWNLOAD | Bugmenot Lite

6. LastPass

Online security is a big worry, but remembering all your different passwords can also be difficult. This Chrome extension stores all your passwords and log-in details and signs you into sites automatically. Your information and passwords are encrypted and decrypted locally on your computer to keep it safe and LastPass cannot access your information.


7. Android Desktop Notifications

This chrome extension pops-up a little notification in your browser every time you receive one on your phone, making it a tad easier to go an hour without glancing down at your Android smartphone.

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DOWNLOAD | Android Desktop Notifications

8. Gmail Offline

A pretty self-explanatory extension, GMail Offline literally makes all your Google Mail content available when you’re sans connection. This is great if you need to check back over some dates and vital information on the go, but obviously you won’t be able to send any new messages until you reconnect.

DOWNLOAD | Gmail Offline

9. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a very clever service, with a deep knowledge in everything from maths to food – and now it’s available with a click. Simply press the button in your status bar and the world’s knowledge is in your hands.

DOWNLOAD | Wolfram Alpha

10. PanicButton

This chrome extension allows you to hide all your tabs with a single click. All these hidden tabs will be saved in a different folder and they can be retrived or restored back again with one click on the button.

DOWNLOAD | PanicButton

11. Carbon Footprint for Google Maps

Often find yourself deciding not to drive to work in the hope of lowering your carbon footprint? This chrome extension calculates the estimated amount of CO2 emissions given off on a selected route through Google Maps.

DOWNLOAD | Carbon Footprint for Google Maps

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12. Awesopme New Tab Page

Customize your new tab page with this stylish Chrome add-on. Add, remove and re-arrange widget tiles, apps and web pages to suit you and optimise your web browsing. Kinda like Windows 8 for your browser.

DOWNLOAD | Awesopme New Tab Page

13. Add to Amazon Wish List

Feverishly building your list for Santa? This chrome extension simplifies the whole process, making it easy to add any item from Amazon to your Wish List. You can even add an extra comment – quietly reminding your mum that you will not be happy unless you get a PS4 for Christmas.

DOWNLOAD | Add to Amazon Wish List

14. Evernote Clipper

Evernote is a great tool for creating a digital scrapbook of content – be it pictures, videos or just text. This handy extension clips parts of a website and then lets you add tags and pop it in one of your notebooks. Pure online efficiency.

DOWNLOAD | Evernote Clipper

15. Buffer

Posting on Facebook and Twitter can be a great way to ensure lots of people read your content and see your witty tweets. However there is nothing worse than someone who tweets 15 links in five minutes. Buffer is a great way to spread your posts out, say one an hour, while also letting you plan them out in one go, leaving you with much more free time. Which will inevitably be spent scrolling through your Twitter timeline.


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We hope you like these Chrome extensions. If you have any trouble in installing these extensions please feel free to comment below...:)

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