5 Things that Apple should Learn from Samsung

By on Friday, November 22, 2013

As the battle rages for supremacy in the mobile phone market, it seems that companies will stop at nothing to get one step ahead of their competitors.

The recent legal case (one of many), which saw Apple successfully defeat their bitter rivals Samsung over a design patent for mobiles and tablets has only succeeded in turning up the heat between these two giants.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery they say, and it’s hard to deny that Apple have certainly led the way when it comes to smartphones in the early years, but it’s fair to say that Samsung have now raised the bar (as well as the stakes) when it comes to the design and production of handsets.

So is it time that Apple - once market leaders and global innovators of phone technology and design - started to look around them and adopt some of the ideas (completely legally of course) that their competitors are now introducing?

It may be a long shot but here are a few things they may want to look at if they did...

1. Removable Battery

Cynics may suggest that Apple’s idea of a self-contained and sealed battery is a cunning ploy that leads to expensive repair bills or newer and costlier models being purchased (who me?), but they might want to consider the introduction of a removable power source for future handsets. Although not entirely a Samsung invention; the ability to replace a battery or even carry a spare has been a priceless commodity for many phone users – and one that Apple customers would certainly be grateful of. 

2. Bigger Screen

You only have to place an iPhone next to any Samsung model to see how small they now appear. Of course, to some this is great (who wants to carry a phone the size of a postcard in their pocket?), but if nothing else it shows the diverse range of phones Samsung have put out over the years. Since the first iPhone was released in 2007, Apple has only made one major change to the general size of the phone, increasing the display from 3.5 to 4 inches for the iPhone 5. If only for movie watching and game playing Apple may want to consider up-sizing their future phones if they are to stay in the race.

3. More Phones

They say less is more, but in the case of the iPhone; this doesn’t exactly ring true. On average Apple release a new phone once every 12 months, but such are the advances in technology, this can often mean that a smartphone is out of date almost as soon as it’s released. The introduction of the iPhone 5c has gone some way to fill this void, but mixed reviews suggest it is far from being the ideal solution.

MUST CHECK: Apple has infringed a patent from Samsung

4. Adaptability 

A risky tactic in light of Samsung’s recent court defeat but it may be time for Apple to run with the pack for a while. As Oscar Wilde said; Talent borrows but genius steals, and a few “lifted” ideas from its competitors rather than failed attempts at their own unique products (Apple Maps) might be the news that some users would love to hear.

5. Special Features

Samsung’s efforts to load up its flagship phones with so many extra features means even die-hard iOS 7 fans have had their heads turned. Features like the ability to customize settings, apps and audio features give users of the S3 and S4 the feeling that their handset is capable of so much more than other models – even if they never get round to using the technology that is on offer.

So which will you go for? iPhone or Samsung Handset..? Leave your answer in the comment section...

About Author: This article is written by Matthew Crist on behalf of Concept CAD, specialists in printed circuit board design. Matthew is a blogger and journalist who is currently debating whether to opt for the iPhone or a Samsung handset. 

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