iPhone 5S: Problems with all motion sensors!

By on Friday, October 04, 2013

Some units of the DayOne iPhone 5S showed serious problems with regard to the motion sensors!

Apple has always been known for the quality of the Assembly and the reliability of the hardware used, however the new devices are highlighting serious problems for youth, particularly with regard to the reliability of the iPhone's motion sensors, adopting for the first time the M7 co-processor dedicated to managing those sensors.

Some of them had already talked about some issues regarding the compass and level, but Gizmodo has made ​​a careful analysis in which the results are compared to those smartphone tools for measuring physical activity. The outcome of the tests is negative on two drives that show inaccurate values ​​even up to 6 ° with respect to the reference ones. The problems are due to calibration errors of accelerometer, compass and gyroscope.

Inside of the tests is also used an iPhone 5, that with the same operating system does record values ​​in line with respect to those of the instrumentation. This element would suggest the possibility that the problems in the new iPhone 5S is not to promote software. With regard to the accelerometer, also, this seems to have a delay in the response higher than that recorded by the previous model.

Gizmodo points out that its test methodology is far from definitive, however it seems in line with the results from other American newspapers had. It is not clear to what extent the inaccurate readings from the motion sensors are hardware related, although some users have provided for the warranty replacement iPhone 5S, reporting that the problem has disappeared altogether.

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