Top 5 Mobile Payment Apps

By on Sunday, March 08, 2015

As the word spreads about technology nowadays, most of the technical solutions to problems nowadays are linked to software application development. Mobile payment, yet another technological success, is linked to smart phone apps. As the competition proceeds, more and more apps are being presented in the market to associate the smart phones with easy and effective ways of transferring money via mobiles. The most famous 5 apps till date have been discussed below with a brief analysis of its cost and features.

Top 5 Mobile Payment Apps


On inserting into the port of a Smart Phone, Square is basically a card reader, through which a card is swiped for transaction services.

Features of Square App:

  • Operating System(s): iOS, Android
  • No charge-back, setup or ongoing fee.
  • Unlimited number of readers.
  • Charges 2.75 percent per every transaction.
  • Signatures of the customers can be taken right on the device screen.
  • Provision of receipts – both electronic and printed – with or without any tip.
  • For recording the transactions, with all other details of a purchase, a point-of-sale app, named Square Registered, can also be installed.

Intuit GoPayment

Similar to Square, Intuit GoPayment is also a card reading device that can be attached to a mobile device for billing purposes. It, however, also provides the consumers with an ability to look after and manage the business accounting with the help of QuickBooks and many other Intuit Point-of-Sale products for automatic synchronization of the transactions to the system.

Features of Intuit GoPayment App:

  • Operating System(s): iOS, Android
  • Instant processing of the transactions
  • Electronic receipts sent to customers via email or texts
  • Adjustable Cost – only 2.75 percent per transaction is charged in case of unitary transactions, otherwise, a fixed cost of $12.95 is charged per month along with 1.75 percent per transaction.


PaySimple is a similar solution but a bit more expensive than the earlier two, since it can accept the ACH and e-check payments, as well as send electronic invoices to the customers. It also enables the user to set up a record in case of recurring payments – like carpet cleaning, pest control; the types of transactions done after intervals repeatedly – along with the data of the customer.

Features of  PaySimple App:

  • Operating System: iOS
  • A fixed cost of $34.95 is charged monthly.
  • Per swipe charges are 2.39 percent.
  • Signatures can be done on the screen of the device.

PayPal Here

PayPal Here has a great advantage of its name, as PayPal has been in market for some time now and has gathered the trust of market. Along with the PayPal account services, it also accepts credit and debit cards and transfer of funds directly from the bank accounts.

Features of PayPal Here App:

  • Operating System(s): iOS, Android.
  • Immediate fund deposits.
  • No fee for subscription or cancellation
  • Every swipe transaction costs 2.7 percent

Pay Anywhere

Pay Anywhere, just like the other four apps, is a card reading device attached to the phone. It can store customer transaction record for unlimited number of accounts, rendering ease in tracking transaction history of any customer at any time. 

Features of Pay Anywhere App:

  • Operating system(s): iOS, Android.
  • No subscription charges.
  • Per transaction cost is 2.69 percent.
  • Along with electronic receipts, a photo of the customer followed by a brief description and details of the purchase is also sent.
  • Per transaction cost is scalable with respect to sale volume

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