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By on Sunday, October 05, 2014

In class XII or pre-university each student starts thinking on admission to college, but after school life complete are mistaken in judging a particular course and college. It is not only headaches for students is also a big headache to their parents, because every parent wants to always give a better education in a good institution or University to their children because a good college or institution will lead to better education that can help you achieve success in the career of their children. So it is very important for parents to choose the best university or institution and best course for their children.

So if you are confused which College is right for you then visit or tell your father to visit CollegeDunia. CollegeDunia.com is the one stop destination for all students and parents to get all the information you need related to Indian college.

What is CollegeDunia?

CollegeDunia is an educational portal filled with information about their courses, institution and college. Is a search engine for students, parents and education professionals to obtain all the information on the Centre of higher education in India and abroad.

Why choose Collegedunia.com

Now a question may think that "why should I choose Collegedunia"? Let's see then why you should choose this site

  • Easy to use and well organized
  • Filter the information for every need.
  • Detailed information on all colleges and universities.
  • Latest news regarding any changes and examination result.
  • Inventory of 20,000 6000 colleges and courses and expansion.

Features of CollegeDunia

We see some good features on this portal.

Easy to use, well organized and filtered information

Once you visit collegedunia, you can realize how user friendly and well organized is this site. Has different tab for all the different courses such as Management, engineering, Medical, arts, Sciences, business and law so that students from the different flow easily choose their courses.

If you don't want to go far from your residential area for higher education? If the fee is a problem for your family? Don't worry about College Dunia is here to help. It provide filter to separate colleges and universities according to your needs. Built inside the filter, faculty list, range, compare with others and pick the best one.

Complete Information on Univ/College.

This site is packed full of detailed information on colleges and universities. They provide complete details of each college or University.

Information such as location, description, reviews, tax structure, address, Email, contact number, website, photos, Top Recruiter, average position, University approval, hostel booking site and available courses at Bachelor, masters and higher level and also detail the Faculty between their names and qualification. This means that all information at single place.

You can apply to your preferred college online through this site, but you have to create an account which takes less than 2 minutes to complete.

Educational news and Examination results

It is another great feature for all students, for the latest news and examination result you don't need to go anywhere because this site also provide latest news related to the education and examination results. News like what changes in the procedure of admission, recent news on the education system, changes in the examination procedure, criteria, fees and other things. You can subscribe for free to get additional functionality regarding the short list, tax structure and important deadlines.


Collegedunia provide right information about each and every college in India so before taking admission blindly, visit collegedunia and choose the best college which is most suitable for you. Still if you have any doubts regarding colleges then contact with their counselor and ask your doubts.

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