How to Increase Internet Speed using Connectify Dispatch

By on Friday, August 29, 2014

Now a days everyone wants fast access to internet. People really get frustrated when they have very low internet speeds. Recently we got mails from our viewers to provide a solution to increase internet speed so in response to their mails, I'm coming up with this article that will help you to increase internet speed.

In this article I'l show you how to increase internet speed by using Connectify Dispatch. Connectify developed a superb tool which allows you to combine all the internet connections that are available on your computer. By combining the internet connections you can increase internet speed without any interruptions. (You will get interruption in internet connection when you use a wireless connections. By using connectify Dispatch, you can solve that problem also by connection it to a wired internet connection). 

This is very interesting right? Lets get started!

How to Increase internet speed using Connectify Dispatch

How to combine Internet connections with Connectify Dispatch

Step 1: Download Connectify Dispatch (download link is available below)

Step 2: Connectify Dispatch is available in both free and premium versions.Select any verison you like and download it. In this article I'm using a premium version.

Step 3: Once the download is complete, install it on your computer.

Step 4: Now, connect all the internet connections that you want to combine.

Step 5: Once all the internet connections are connected to your computer, run the Connectify Dispatch.

For the demonstration purpose, I have connected my Broadband connection (3 MBPS) and mobile connection ((3G) 2 MBPS).

When we combine the above two internet connections, the overall internet speed should be around 5 MBPS,but Connectify is showing me the 9.95 as the overall internet speed!!. (Even i don't know how this came :D). But I used to get internet speed some where around 10 MBPS during less traffic times i.e. during nights from my ISP network.

Step 6: Click on Start Dispatch to allow Connectify Dispatch to start combining the provided internet connections and to increase the internet speed as shown below.

That's it! Now you can experience the increased internet speed.

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NOTE: Even after performing the above steps, if you don't see any changes in the internet speed, then check settings as shown below.

Features in Connectify Dispatch tool

- You can set also limit to the amount of data used by the computer from a given connection as shown below.

- You can assign a particular internet connection to be used by particular applications by clicking on the Smart Loading as shown below.

- This is my favorite feature in Connectify Dispatch. You can share the combined internet connection over WiFi Hotspot using the Connectify HotSpot.

If you find any issues while increasing your internet connection speed, you can contact me :) 

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