How to create Multiple Whatsapp accounts on Android Smartphone

By on Monday, August 11, 2014

We know that the messaging service WhatsApp is more common among phones. It allows users to share pictures, videos, music and so on. Even the latest version of Android also supports audio messaging. At the moment there are more than 200 million active users on WhatsApp that delivers more than 20 billion messages worldwide. Although other messaging chat available, users prefer WhatsApp  due to its simplicity and the instant messaging service. 

But you might have faced the problem can not use more than one account on the mobile WhatsApp. Users of Dual SIM always want to use two different accounts on their mobile phone. At first it was very difficult, but now you can with the help of multiple accounts SwitchMe App. Single SIM users can also use this application to use multiple accounts.

Steps to create Multiple Whatsapp accounts on Android Smartphone 

Step 1: Your Android Smartphone must be rooted and it should contain SuperSU installed (because  we'll be using it later)

Note: Your Android Smartphone should be rooted to follow this tutorial.

Step 2: Install Whatsapp Application on your smartphone. Skip this step, if whatsapp is already installed.

Step 3: Install SwitchMe Multiple Accounts on your smartphone. Once it is installed it successfully, Launch it.

Step 4: Now, SwitchMe will ask Superuser permission. Tap on the Grant Button, to allow the superuser permission.

Step 5: A warning message would be displayed saying "incorrect use of this application may harm your device". Ignore the message and tap on "Close" button to continue.

Step 6: Create 2 different user profiles so that you can use multiple whatsapp accounts. For that, click on "Create Profile"

Step 7: Provide a name for your profile and click on OK

Step 8: Once the 1st profile is created, repeat the same step to create another profile. Now your SwitchMe app contains two profiles as shown:

Note: The profile that is created first would be the primary account (default) and the next profile would be secondary account.

If you have installed any application like whatsapp in the primary account(default) then that app would be available only to primary account. i.e. it will not be available to the secondary account. If you want whatsapp account on secondary account, then you have to install it again.

Step 9: Now try to switch the accounts in SwitchMe Multiple Accounts application. i.e. simply tap on Secondary Account to switch between accounts.

Step 10: Your Smartphone will restart automatically. Once it is restarted, open Google Play Store and again install Whatsapp messenger on the secondary account.

Step 11: Once the Whatsapp is installed on secondary account, open and complete the registration process.

That's it! Now you can use multiple whatsapp accounts on your android smartphone.

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