How to Cancel/Remove App updates in Android and iPhone

By on Monday, June 17, 2013

After you have updated to the latest version, one of your favorite app for iPhone or Android has stopped working properly? Unfortunately it can happen ... but all is not lost. With small tricks, you can return to the previous version of the application preventing this update again.

By doing so, you'll keep the last working version of app on your smartphone and wait calmly to released a new update to put right the situation. For all the details, here's how to undo an update app on iPhone and Android.

Let's start seeing how to cancel an update app on the iPhone. You should know that unfortunately the "melafonino" from Apple does not provide functions that allow you to downgrade an application directly, but you can use in your favor the iTunes backup to get the desired result anyway.
If you've updated the app directly from your iPhone and have performed the last backup of the phone on the PC when the latter had not yet been updated, you can reinstall the version of the application saved in iTunes without going through the App Store. In that way? It is very easy.

The first step you need to do is uninstall the app from your phone by pressing and holding for a few seconds your finger on the icon and pressing the x that appears in the upper right corner. Then you have to connect the Terminal to the computer, select the App from the menu located at the top left in the main iTunes window and drag with the mouse the icon of the app that you want to restore to your iPhone (which automatically appears in the sidebar on the right while dragging).

Synchronization will happen instantly. At this point, you'll find yourself with the old version of the app on your phone and the only thing you will have, will be to not update it via the App Store until they release a version able to fix all the problems you encountered. It was not hard, is it?

Android, as known, leaves more freedom of action to the user compared to iPhone but not even Google's system provides a direct option to cancel an update app. What you can do is turn off automatic updating of applications on your terminal, so as to avoid unwanted upgrade, and restore older versions of the app using a backup software that runs directly on your smartphone.
To disable the automatic update of the app on your phone, open the Google Play Store, press the Menu key of your Android device and select Settings from the menu that appears at the bottom of the screen. Next, go into the menu automatic update and put the check mark next to the entry does not automatically update the applications.

If you want to restore the previous version of an app you've already updated, you can use Titanium Backup functions. This is a free application to back up that allows you to save on a MicroSD or memory of the smartphone apps and data automatically. You can set it so that it performs an automatic backup every few applications. days in order to recover old versions of applications in case of updates just lucky. Is easy to use but requires devices that have been obtained the root permissions.

Alternatively, you could also try the installation package (.apk) of older versions of the app on external sites to Store, but it is a practice that you advise against. You may in fact encounter on unreliable sites that distribute software contaminated with malware dressed up by legitimate applications. Better to avoid such operations and be proactive, making a backup of the app before you update or disabling automatic updates Play Store to manually select the applications you want to update.

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