How to Increase the performance of a Android smartphone

By on Wednesday, June 05, 2013

In Recent days, Smartphones play an important role in our life (Android owns most of the share in Smartphones) they are used in every part of our life. Now a days, Performance of Smartphone play an important role as it is being used every where (from entertainment to studies), so in this article we explain some tips to increase performance of Android smartphones.

An Android smartphone, although it may be performance and equipped with plenty of RAM, over time will start to become slightly slower. Once this thing you couldn't fix it, because of limited hardware capabilities of the first Android phones and the lack of dedicated applications, but today you can solve this problem easily calmly. Android is an operating system very heavy due to the many functions and features in time will slow down because of them. There are many operating system processes that remain active in the background, to which you will add other applications that we install, like Facebook, Whatsapp and other programs that need to run in the background.

Clear the cache with Cache Cleaning Easy

These applications use a substantial amount of RAM, which is subtracted the system resulting in slowdowns. For phones with 1 GB Ram or higher, these delays will be minimal or undetectable, but on your phone a little older, maybe with only 500 Mb of Ram or less, the delays can be quite frustrating and make the device inoperable. Why should I install programs that clean the cache (but only on devices with Android ICS or Jelly beans, because there is a different memory management than Gingerbread). How we install App Cache Cleaning Easy, as it is free and without advertising and also inside functions are very useful and easy to use.

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Defragment Memory Booster

Of course clear the cache is not the only thing to do to expedite our smartphones, because you can perform other operations that can drastically improve the performance of our device. Today's smartphones are all photos and high-resolution video and integrated memories from a minimum of 8 GB, up to 64 GB and can contain within them several hundred movies in HD, pictures, video games, music, documents and whatnot, so it's only natural that over time all of these files can overload the device. We recommend to install a Defragmenter as a Memory Booster, just like on your computer, in order to speed up the loading of files and reduce delays.

An Android device includes inside access to Google's services, including books, contacts, Gmail and Google +. If you do not need these services, disable them could prove to be an excellent move, as would other applications that would be cut from the list of active applications always in the background, allowing us to save our precious RAM memory. Always for the same reasons, it is recommended that you use the normal photographic backgrounds rather than the beautiful live wallpaper, that will show its effect heavily on your system.

Another thing to do is to keep our applications continuously updated. The reason for this is the fact that with each update usually are resolved bugs and accelerate applications (you can also download playstore apps on pc), that become more stable can operate in a more optimal.

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