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By on Friday, July 12, 2013

You bought a new PC with Windows 8 and find it a bit too slow compared  to your expectations? Have you Upgraded to Windows 8 from a previous  version of the system and PC performance dropped considerably? Then I  have some tips that might help you.

There are a set of applications and maintenance procedures that can help you discover how to speed up your Windows 8 PC without too much  effort.I Do not promise miracles,but if you put into practice all the  advice I am going to give you and continue to "treat well" your  computer, the results could be extremely positive.

If you want to know how to speed up your Windows 8 PC because you have  bought a new computer equipped with this OS and you seem a bit slow, I  would say to start "cutting" all unnecessary software that usually  come pre installed in PCs from companies that sell in the electronics  store and supermarkets. I refer to trial versions of antivirus,  multimedia programs, additional toolbar for your browser and other  programs.

To accomplish this task, I suggest you to use Should I Remove It?.  This is a free application that analyzes all the software installed on  your computer and informs the user which you can or even should remove  because unnecessary or dangerous. To download Should I Remove It? on  your PC, connect to the program website and click on the Download (Free) and then click Download "Should I Remove It?"

When the download is complete open, double-click on it, the file you  just downloaded (ShouldIRemoveIt_Setup.exe) and, in the window that  opens, click on Yes and then click Next. Accept the terms of use of  the program, putting the checkmark next to I Accept the terms in the  License Agreement, and click on Next three times in a row, and then  click Install and Finish to complete the installation process and  start Should I Remove It.

In the window that opens, locate the programs that have the Removal  with the highest percentage (i.e., those more useless and/or  dangerous) and search for information about them by clicking on the  What is it?. This will open the Internet site Should I Remove It with  a description of the selected software and the reasons why should be  removed. Click the Uninstall button and then proceed to uninstall.

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Another similar software to eliminate unnecessary programs the PC is  newly purchased PC Decrapifier.Connect to the PC Decrapifier website  and click on Download this item in the top menu on the right. In the  Web page that opens, click on the blue Download Now button to download  the PC Decrapifier program on your PC.

At the end of the download, double click on the downloaded program  (PC-Decrapifier-1.9.1.exe). Click on the Next button until you get to  the window Is This a New PC?, where you have to tick the Yes before  you click again to twice in a row on the Next button.

In the window Select the Items to Uninstall shows the programs that are  detected as junk. All junk programs with check mark, can be removed.If  you want to keep a certain program, remove the checkmark, and click on  the Next button.

At the end to uninstall the junk programs, click on the Next button  and then click on Cancel to close PC Decrapifier.

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Another way to speed up your Windows 8 PC is disable automatic startup  of programs that start automatically when switching on the PC. It is a  very simple but effective practice, which is recommended for all  versions of the Microsoft operating system Windows 8 but must be done  in slightly different ways.

To disable unnecessary programs from Windows 8 starting automatically,  you must invoke the task manager by right click on an empty spot on  the taskbar and selecting task manager from the menu that appears. In  the window that opens, click on more details, select the Startup tab  and disable programs that you feel superfluous – you don't want to  start automatically each time Windows – by clicking the Disable  button.

Other very effective methods to keep your computer always snappy are  free up hard disk space by deleting unnecessary files from your PC,  and eliminate the errors that exist within the registry. Two  operations that are able to do so egregious the free software CCleaner.

To download CCleaner on your PC, connect to the program website and  click on Download button. When the download is complete open, double  clicking on it, the file you just downloaded (e.g. ccsetup403.exe)  and, in the window that opens, set English from the  language  selection menu,then Click Next, Next, Install and Finish to complete  the installation and run CCleaner. Uncheck the Google Toolbar entry if  you do not want to install additional toolbars to your browser.

To free up disk space using CCleaner for Windows 8,all you have to do  is to select the items you want to remove from your PC using the  options in the left sidebar (leave everything as is unless you know  where to put my hands!) and click on the Start Cleaning button. To fix  the problems in the registry, instead, select the card register and  click on the first problems Find and then click Fix selected.

Despite your efforts and despite the advice above, you are not able to speed up your PC Windows 8? Then you may try to restore the system  state back to factory settings using the restore feature in the  Microsoft operating system (that i will discuss in another post).

In this way, you can reset the settings of your applications and run  a PC without formatting and without erasing the data.

DOWNLOAD | Should I Remove It?

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