Wifi makes room for Li-Fi

By on Thursday, May 16, 2013

In this Start-Up from Paris's all about two years only one: LI-FI.
"Light Fidelity", that is data transmission via beam, says Cedric Mayer:
"Here we see a LI-FI receiver. He reads the data of the beam and then turns them into music. If I cover the receiver... or under a different light source in place..."

It is now possible to not only music, but also video transmission through beam.
The images of this surveillance camera sends a LED beam at the screen.
How does it work?
Cedric Mayer:
"The LED light is on at high speed and switched off. Lights out is for 0, light on for 1. So zeros and ones in fast rhythm will be shipped. A transmission speed of up to 3 GB per second could be achieved, at least in theory."
Thus, LI-FI is 150 times faster than Wi-Fi (Even though some people try to crack wifi password for getting free access to Interet).
Soon, it might be possible to send information by means of a light-sensitive sensor to a computer.
A classic modem, which is connected to a LED light bulb, would suffice.
The new technology also emit no electromagnetic waves. You could go online then so also on the plane or in the hospital without any risk.
Despite its many advantages, the light fidelity has also limitations, said Jean-Yves Le Boudec:
"The device, for example your Smartphone must be exactly positioned. Otherwise it can beam of the light bulb of course a fundamental problem for the mobile use of the technology."
Several German, Japanese and American companies try to make use of the system for the Web. Paris is already talked about a product, which will be from 2014 for under 80 euros on the market.

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