Matt Cutts peeks into the future: 10 SEO relevant updates in the next few months

By on Thursday, May 16, 2013

Matt Cutts has provided an outlook for the next few months in a new blog post:

Matt Cutts SEO techniques

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In a nutshell, Matt talks through the following SEO tips (see also the summary of search engine land):
  1. Penguin update 2.0 (better and deeper link analysis)
  2. Advertorial spam (overall stronger fight against paid links from editorial environments)
  3. Spammy queries (Google wants to worry increasingly about the search results for competitive keywords – will be called Finance and sex/porn)
  4. Going upstream at link Spammers (better depreciation of purchased links; here I'm missing the distinction to point 1)
  5. More sophisticated link analysis.
  6. Hacked sites (better communication with site owners, who are victims of hacked sites and/or malware)
  7. Authority boost (better ranking for sites that are considered authority within a topic/industry)
  8. Panda update (Google wants to attract additional signals at sites, negatively evaluated by Panda, but that are a borderline case)
  9. Domain cluster in SERPs (search results are to be clustered in part after domains)
  10. Improved webmaster communication (better communication via the Google Webmaster Tools)
Matt Cutts happy pointed out that the update will not affect the "normal" website operators.

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