[Tips/Tricks]: How to Increase Internet speed on Android devices and iPhone

By on Sunday, September 29, 2013

Web browsing from your smartphone seem to be very slow in both 3G and Wi-Fi? Don't worry, with some tricks you can manage to improve the loading time of the Web pages on your phone.

Take a few minutes of free time and try to follow these directions on how to speed up Internet on your mobile phone I'm going to give you. With a correct DNS server setting and use of alternative browsers, your mobile browsing experience could improve significantly.

Let's start this guide on how to speed up Internet on phone talking about a topic that I have already dealt with many guides dedicated to PC world, the DNS server.If you din't heard about that,let me explain, the DNS servers are those "translators" that allow us to visit Internet sites with text that addresses all we can remember without too much trouble (e.g. google.com) instead of numeric addresses that long would be the actual coordinates to reach them. One of the most important steps you can take to speed up your Web browsing from your smartphone is to change the DNS that your phone uses normally to reach sites on the Internet with faster servers.

If you're using an Android smartphone, you can change the DNS servers used by your mobile phone with the application Set DNS. The app is totally free but to use it you must have enabled root access on your smartphone. Once "unlocked" the smartphone and finish installing Set DNS on it, start the application and press the Allow button.

At this point, select the DNS server you want to use on your phone (I recommend OpenDNS or Google DNS) from the drop-down menu located in the top left and press the Apply button to save your changes. Now, reboot the device and you're done. DNS servers that are set in the app are used both for free Wi-Fi and 3G.

Even on the iPhone you can speed up Internet on your mobile phone by changing the DNS servers of the connection. To do this, you must go in the settings of iOS (pressing on the icon on the home screen of the phone), select Wi-Fi from the menu that pops up and press on the button located next to the name of the network currently in use.

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In the screen that opens, therefore, we must select the field DNS , clear all values ​​present within the latter and replace them with the addresses of the DNS servers to use:, for Google DNS or, 208.67 .220.220 for OpenDNS, they are both very fast. It should finally be pressing on the words Wi-Fi located in the upper left and Web browsing will be immediately faster.

As you may easily guessed, the above procedure allows you to change the DNS Wi-Fi but not 3G connection. To set the DNS for the data network, you must use a jailbroken iPhone (unlocked) and install the tweak called GuizmoDNS from Cydia Store.

Another way to increase performance of Android and iPhone in terms of Web browsing is to use an alternative browser to "serial" installed on your smartphone. In this regard, I want to point out that Opera Mini – as stated in its official description – uses a cloud technology that compresses data up to 90% before sending them, thus speeding up the loading of Web pages (in 3 g, especially).

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Of course don't expect astounding results, but in many circumstances actually helps to load pages faster than other browsers. Opera Mini is available for both Android and iPhone, just look it up on Google or Play App Store. Its user interface is very simple to use and also includes other interesting functions, like synchronizing data across multiple devices, a simplified tabbed browsing and more.


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