Samsung & LG: Smartphones with flexible and curved screens by the end of October

By on Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The first smartphone with flexible and curved screens may be revealed by the end of the month

What seems to be the focus of next-generation battle could begin even before the end of October. The first protagonists will probably be Samsung and LG, which you will want to qualify the title of first company to include a flexible smartphone between the proposals.

A battle across South Korea, so they could start with the official announcements of two new smartphones. Samsung's proposal could be a model Galaxy 3 Notes "Active", as the proposal's rugged Galaxy S4. A flexible display could be introduced for reasons of resistance when subjected to extreme physical harassment and to contact with liquids. The technical specifications should be reviewed with respect to traditional phablet, and 8 megapixel camera.

It seems that Samsung has launched a production of 1.5 million flexible AMOLED display per month, a figure that could make think of a localized release of the new device.

Regarding the plans of LG, these seem to be more reserved and little information is leaked. The manufacturer has presented Vu 3 over the past few days, that does not use any type of flexible panel. However it seems that LG is planning to clearly differentiate between devices with the new type of display dedicating an entire family of products , called "Z", as reported by Unwired View

The first component of the LG Z series will make use of a concave curved display, but as the Active 3 Notes could be only partially flexible and only in an attempt to make the device more resistant to a certain type of collisions and damage. The production of this mysterious smartphone seems to be already started, then the announcement could follow the commercial launch even though in limited quantities.

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