[Tips/Tricks]:How to hide my IP address on Android devices

By on Thursday, September 26, 2013

You need to disguise your IP address of your Android smartphone to access a site that blocked access from India or for privacy reasons?  Perfect, you're in the right place at the right time.

With the guidance of today, we will discover how to hide IP address in Android devices, thanks to some solutions that allow you to navigate from smartphones and tablet using a foreign address (U.S. or UK). They are all very easy to use and free, at least in their basic version. Let's get right to work!

If you're looking for a solution on  how to hide IP address in Android devices,the first Android app that I suggest you try is HotSpot Shield. This is a VPN (virtual private network) that lets you disguise the IP of your smartphone/tablet with a u.s. address and thus provides access to blocked websites (in previous posts we have discussed about blocking websites as well, you can check it here(link)). The basic version is free but is displaying some banners and a speed of navigation rather low.

To install HotSpot Shield on your Android Terminal, open the Google Play Store, look for the app within the latter and tap on install button, and then click I accept. When the operation is complete, start HotSpot Shield and create a free account to use the service.

To do this, press the button Yes, protect my connection!, then tap Continue and fill in the form proposed to you by typing your email address and password you want to use to access HotSpot Shield in their respective fields. Finally, press the Create account button and you're done.

At this point, to hide IP address in Android  devices using HotSpot Shield, tap on the button Protect my connection! located on the main screen of the app and wait until the connection is established to the VPN.

When the connection is made, HotSpot Shield icon in the Android status bar will turn green and you can surf the Internet using your IP in disguise. To verify the change of address, open the browser, connected to any of the sites that allow you to display your IP (e.g. whatismyipaddress.com) and you should be connected from the USA.

At the end of your session work (or leisure) online, you can stop the HotSpot Shield connection going into the main app screen and pressing the button Turn off protection.Is it not easy?

If you don't want that HotSpot Shield starts automatically when you start Android, tap on the Menu button located in the upper right corner (the icon with three horizontal lines), select Settings from the box that pops up and remove the checkmark from the option Start  on boot. If you want to subscribe to a paid service plan (without advertising and faster Web surfing), tap on the text Get More and choose which subscription.

Other good VPN applications you could try on your smartphone or tablet Android are TunnelBear, which offers 500 MB of free traffic per month giving you the ability to disguise your IP with a us or UK address, and Tigervpns VPN offering 500 MB of free traffic for all new subscribers.

DOWNLOAD | Hotspot Shield VPN

DOWNLOAD | TunnelBear

DOWNLOAD | Tigervpns

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