Nokia Lumia 2520: Specs, Features and Price!

By on Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nokia today introduced its first tablet, the Nokia Lumia 2520.It Looks like a giant Lumia smartphone, which shares the unibody polycarbonate body and affection for the Windows environment. The size, however, is considerably higher: a beautiful 10.1 display hides a 800 quad core Snapdragon processor and coloruful interface makes a lot of Justice to the Windows RT 8.1.

The Nokia Lumia 2520 is a tablet-ergonomically, equipped with a wide and comfortable frame intentionally to hold. The tablet, in fact, are held to the sides, not the back how it works with Smartphones.

When compared with the close relative Nokia Lumia 1520 it seems to be next to a magnified version of th phablet. This feeling is enhanced by the compact, colourful finish polycarbonate, a material premium that anyone  who has ever held a Lumia can be very pleasant and free of creaks. The available colors are cyan, red, white and black.

The Full HD display is not only colorful and has an extraordinarily black intense, it is also able to adapt to the ambient light. Its luminosity is so high that reads well even under the unforgiving Sun of the United Arab Emirates where the device was presented.

The Board hardware is powerful and top of the range, especially the CPU quad core Snapdragon 800, which compares favorably to the Tegra 4 mounted on rival Microsoft. Play will not be a problem.

Nokia has focused its attention on mobility. The LTE connectivity and SIM allows you to connect the tablet to the mobile network, a feature that is not very common on a 10.1 ", nor especially desired by a majority of users. The Finns are convinced they can reverse the trend, leading to pull off an impressive device for taking photos and find their own way.

The presence of an additional keyboard rather big and heavy but with extra battery enables you to add 5 to 11 hours of battery life to the device and integration with Office allows you to work in mobility. The accessory, called Power Keyboard, will cost $ 149.

The new app, Nokia Camera and Nokia Storyteller seem tailor-made to entice the user to exploit your data plan and super fast connection: the action shot and the AutoJournal feature are a great stimulus for creativity.



At $ 499 we can assume that the price will be more than exciting even from us. There is some overlap with the Surface 2, but Nokia-now part of Microsoft-has sharply focused its route to the Galaxy Mobile.

Of all the large tablet on the market the Nokia Lumia 2520 is what has more cards to look like a smartphone, a strange decision, but revolutionary.

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