Google's Matt Cutts: Guest Blogging should only be done in Moderation

By on Monday, October 21, 2013

Matt cutts telling about Guest blogging

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Guest Blogging Yes, but without overdoing it. In his latest video, Matt Cutts takes care of guest post and to read the search engine such content as organic . And not like the content (and links) purchased.

He said:
"Usually in our SPAM report there is a clear distinction between the content deemed SPAM and guest blogging. SPAM content usually does not correspond to the theme of the blog that hosts them and are rich in keywords".
And instead:
"A true guest post is usually written by someone who is an expert on that matter, which does not fall in the writing of many and many keywords in your text. The guest blogging should be moderate, not your everyday work, full-time. If the guest blogging is all about what you are doing to increase traffic, you're probably not doing a great favor to your website".

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