Top 5 Google Apps to Download on Android Devices

By on Sunday, October 20, 2013

Google offers a host of applications for mobile devices. It does this on iOS, but it does especially for Android users, the operating system of the company created and developed in Mountain View. If you know the famous "Maps", "Search" or "Chrome", among the most popular app ever on smartphones around the world, maybe you have lost sight of some of those that we want to advise you today.

Here is the list of Top 5 Google Apps to Download on Android Devices

Google Drive

Popular service from Google, on PCs and on Mobile. The online storage of files – which replaced GDoc – is available to mobile with the same functionality of your computer,from management to files sharing , with the possibility to make changes in real time and not stay away from their jobs in case of emergencies. Drive is also very useful for storing files such as photos, videos and everything you will want to keep online, and at the same time always accessible via your smartphone.

DOWNLOAD | Google Drive

Google Currents

Currents is a kind of main feed online newspapers, popular blog, but allows a reading in magazine format, more engaging than a normal online navigation. Use this to not miss any news from your favorite sources.

DOWNLAOD | Google Currents

Google Authenticator

Among the many lesser-known but equally useful Google Aunthenticator. Authenticator manages two levels of security when accessing data on the device. In fact we need a code generated by Google Authenticator, in addition to the password of your account to access.

Google Goggles

Goggles acts in connection with the camera: by clicking on "a framework, a monument, a QR or bar code, a product showcase or an image", the application accesses the Internet and provides useful information to the user. In real time.

DOWNLOAD | Google Goggles

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Google Analytics

Mobile application of known data monitoring service of a web site. The insiders - webmaster and SEO - will know already. But it was worth inserting it in the list of Top 5 Google apps to Download. The app contains all the updated data Analytics accounts already displayed on your PC, including data in real time.

DOWNLAOD  | Google Analytics

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