How to Bypass SMS Verification Online for any website

By on Friday, May 16, 2014

Most of us have come across a situation where we are asked to fill in our phone numbers in order to complete the registration process in few websites or to do some works. These sites send us a verification code to our phone numbers and this code should be entered in the website in order to complete the registration. On the other side, once if you give your phone number to any advertising websites then they would spam your inbox with all the unnecessary stuff which you would hate.

In my previous post I explained a method to bypass waiting time and ads while downloading files on Rapidshare. Today I'm gonna explain to you a method using which you can bypass SMS verification on most of the websites like gmail, facebook etc.

What is bypass of SMS verification?

Bypass of SMS verifivation is a way by which the process of entering our phone number to get the verification code is surpassed by a simple techique or by using some alternatives that are available online.

Why to Bypass SMS verification?

SMS verification is mainly introduced to avoid spam on their websites because some people might create dummy or fake accounts to do some illicit activites on their websites. But sometimes the phone numbers that are entered can be hacked and the hackers may use it for unwanted activites.The other bad thing is that sometimes spammers start sending spam advertisiements to our mobiles. So, it is always better to bypass SMS verification.

How to Bypass SMS verification online? 

Here is a simple way to bypass SMS verification online..

Step 1: Go to any of the below mentioned websites.

Here's a screenshot from receive-sms-online website:

Step 2: Choose any phone number that is available.

Step 3: Copy the selected phone number and paste it where we have been asked to provide our phone number, in order to get the verification code.

Step 4: Go back to the website from where you have selected the phone number, click on the phone number and whether any website has sent a verification code or not.

Step 5: Now enter the verification code that you have received by following the above steps and complete the registration process. That's it!


Do not use these online numbers for any banking purposes or for your e wallet as this can prove to be very dangerous for the user. Also use this technique of SMS bypassing only at certain times and because this verification process provides a  important security cover for all users.

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