How to Setup Custom Domain on Blogger

By on Friday, March 07, 2014

Good News to all our readers! As a founder of TechStorms, I'm glad to inform you that our blog TechStorms has moved to a new domain TechStorms.in. As we have redirected from blogspot.com  to a TLD (Top Level Domain) recenlty, we would like to explain the steps that are to be followed while redirecting from blogspot.com blog to custom domain,so that it would be helpful to all our loyal readers and bloggers.

How to setup custom domain on Blogger?

Step 1: First thing to be done before performing a redirection to a custom domain is, get a domain name that is suitable for your blog. (You can visit godaddy.com,bigrock.com etc to purchase domain name)

Step 2: Go to blogger.com, log in with your details and move to Settings >> Basic

Step 3: In Basic page, Under Publishing area, click on Add a custom domain and enter the domain name that you have purchased from the above mentioned sites.

Step 4: When you enter your purchased domain name for the first time and clicked on Save, you will get an error message like this:

Don't worry, we'll resolve this error very soon. Make a note of the information that is  provided by that error prompt because it would be used while configuring the DNS

For example, if you have purchased your domain name from Godaddy.com, you will be given an account using which you can reconfigure DNS settings.

Step 5: Go to Godaddy.com and Sign In with the your credentials.

Step 6: Click on Launch button which is next to Domains and follow the directions as shown below.

Step 7: For the domain name that you want to use it with your blogger,click on Edit Zone

Step 8: In the CNAME (Alias) section,click on www record. In the points to field, clear all the details and type ghs.google.com. 

Step 9: Now enter the second CNAME also in the same way and Click on Save Zone File. (Refer to second image in this post, a string with random characters below www. It will be unique for each blog.)

Step 10: Once this thing is done, its time to change the A records, which links to your naked domain (like yourdomain.com) to actual website (like www.yourdomain.com)

Step 11: Enter your domain name (like yourdomain.com) and list all the IP addresses shown below in the "A" section.

Step 12: Once all the above configurations are done, go back to Blogger.com and click on the Save button.
Note: It might take up to 24 hours for the redirect to start working so please be patient and try repeatedly until blogger finally saves all the settings without giving any errors as shown below (This is a screen shot from my blogger account).

That's it! Your blogspot.com blog has been redirected to your custom domain URL. If you have any problems while redirecting from blogspot.com to your custom domain, you can contact me or you can leave a comment below.

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