Google officially buys Waze for $1.3 billion

By on Thursday, June 13, 2013

Over the past few hours the Colossus of Mountain View and Waze Mobile came to the end of the negotiations which led to the purchase of social Navigator from Google

After rumors that a few weeks were increasingly insistent, with a joint statement published on the two sites owned, Google and Waze have formalized the agreement that stipulates the sale of social Navigator by Big G.

But what is Waze? Not all probably know this Navigator we have defined social just for the fact that the main feature of the application is the ability to interact with other drivers and report any queues or traffic jams in real-time via your smartphone. In this way all the social browser user can be informed about traffic conditions or the presence of any speed and give them news.

Match as a startup in the course of 2007, Waze can now boast about 47 million users. Numbers that have made many other Groove before Google was just the latest in a series of suitors including have passed in recent years even Facebook and nothing less than Apple.

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In purely economic terms has not been officially communicated what was the real cost of the operation. It is rumored a figure in the neighborhood of 1/1, $ 3 billion. A sum surely important that if confirmed poses Waze ranked fourth on the list of the most expensive purchases of colossus of Mountain View, preceded by none other than by Motorola Mobility, DoubleClick and YouTube

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