How to recover deleted files from SD card

By on Saturday, September 21, 2013

Recently, we showed you How to recover deleted files from Android Devices. But over the past few days we got many mails requesting to explain in a simple way to recover deleted files from SD card, so we decided to write a post that can help many smartphone users.

If you've accidentally deleted files that are stored on a SD card without creating backup copies and you do not know how to recover them? At this point, your only hope is called TestDisk.

TestDisk is a free program that allows you to recover all deleted files from SD cards in no time (as long as they have not been overwritten with other data). It has a graphical interface, it only works from the command line, but if you follow my instructions on how to recover deleted files from SD be able to use it quite easily.

If you want to learn how to recover deleted files from SD, the first step you need to take is to connect to the Internet site of TestDisk and click the link Windows to download the program on your PC.

When the download is complete open, double clicking on it, the file you just downloaded (eg testdisk-6.14.win.zip ) and estraine the content in any folder. Enter, therefore, the SD memory card from which you want to recover the files in the PC (you can use a MicroSD-SD adapter in the case of smaller cards) and start the program testdisk_win.exe. Click on Yes and it will open a Command Prompt window.

Now, to recover deleted files from SD press Enter on your keyboard and select the unit on the memory card reader on your computer (eg Multiple Card Reader ), just use the arrow keys and press Enter. Next, select the item Intel , go to Advanced and press Enter to select the partition of the SD from which to retrieve the data (usually there is only one).

At this point, you should find yourself in front of a list containing the names of deleted files from memory card, highlighted in red. Select one of the documents to be retrieved and press C on your keyboard to copy it to a folder of your choice (press C to save it in the root directory of TestDisk). Repeat with all the files to recover, and you're done.

If the memory card you want to recover deleted files is that you use in your Android smartphone, you can do everything from the phone using the free application Hexamob Recovery Lite. I explained to you in detail how to use it, in my guide to recover deleted files.

You can try to restore deleted files from SD memory cards, USB hard drives and computer disks using the free software Recuva. You can find instructions on how to use it, in my tutorial on How to Recover Deleted Files using Recuva.


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