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By on Monday, March 10, 2014

Traffic is important for all blogs/websites and as I described in the previous post (about Keyword Research guide for bloggers), major source of traffic comes from search engines like Google. But what if you have just started the blog recently, posting good content and still not getting enough traffic? If any of you are facing this issue and looking for a solution to get traffic, then you are at the  right place.In this article, I'm gonna suggest you 8 tips that would boost/increase blog traffic.

How I Increased My Blog Traffic from 80 to 400 visitors in few days:

Many new bloggers started asking me how I increased the blog traffic within few days. To  answer all those people, I decided to write a post explaining, how I increased my blog traffic.

1. Content is King

As most of the bloggers say, Content is King. If you have good content then you'l  automatically get genuine traffic.There are many new bloggers who copy the content from other blogs/websites. Please don't do that, If Google detects any copied content on your website then it will penalize your blog. Instead of copying content, try to write  articles on your own (one article per day is sufficient if your blog is new) and once you  do it, Google will index all your pages and within few days you can see an increase in your blog traffic.

NOTE: Search Engines can index your blog pages only if you submit your blog to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc

2. Social Media

Most of the newbies spend most of their time in searching about the softwares to increase traffic and for link building, but the real traffic source, next after the search engines is Social Media. You can drive huge amount of traffic from social media sites like Facebook, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Twitter etc. Initially I totally depended on Facebook and Reddit to drive traffic to my blog and later I researched about some SEO Techniques and I started applying them on my blog and it worked like a charm!

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3. Building Backlinks

  • The best and most safe way to get backlinks is by guest posting
  • Find out the websites that provide guest posting opportunities, try to offer them a post and demand 1-2 backlinks from their website/blog.
  • If you are interested to offer a guest post on our blog then contact us.
  • Another safe way to build backlinks is by commenting on CommentLuv websites and get a  backlink from their website.

4. Submit your Blog to search Engines

Even though your blog is having good content, it would be of no use unless you submit your blog to search engines, so that web crawlers will visit your blog and index your  blog posts.

Note: It is better to submit your blog to search engines as soon as you create it. 

5. Use Proper Keywords in your Post Title

Proper usage of keywords in your blog post can drive you huge amount of traffic. Keywords  can be identified by doing keyword research, if you want to know more about keyword research and how it is performed (with example), you can check here(Keyword Research Guide).

6. Enter Search Description

Search Description is nothing but the content in the meta tags. Web Crawlers use these  meta tags to identify the posts that are related to a query. However stuffing keywords in  the search description may not benefit you after the Panda and Penguin Updates.

7. Interlinking Blog Posts

The best way to make your visitor not to leave your blog is by Interlinking the blog  posts. Another benefit of interlinking blog posts it that, it reduces your blog bounce rate.

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8. Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is always a good way to get traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
  • Our coming articles will be completely focused on SEO Tips and tricks that are helpful to all the bloggers.


Keep updating your blog regularly because web crawlers (used by search engines) will visit those websites/blogs that are frequently updated(changed).I would suggest all the newbies to start off by writing one post a day. Try to make use of Facebook and StumbleUpon initially to get traffic to your blog until your blog posts are indexed by Google.If you have any issues you can contact me.

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