How to Speed up uTorrent

By on Monday, June 09, 2014

Although some of them prophesied the end, in favor of hosting services, uTorrent is still one of the most used P2P software in the world. In fact, the most popular torrent client available on Windows and also among the most appreciated in Mac (along with iTransmission).

In this article I would explain a method to speed up uTorrent so that you can download files using utorrent more fastly.

How to Speed up uTorrent?

One of the most effective ways to speed up uTorrent is to use the Settings wizard included "standard" in the program. It is a procedure through which uTorrent detects real-world performance of your Internet connection and adjusts to these limits download and upload speeds, the maximum number of simultaneous connections, and other parameters that can affect the speed of downloading files.

Steps to Speed up uTorrent

Step 1: Connect your PC to Internet.

Step 2: Open uTorrent, select the Setup Guide from the Options.

Step 3: In the window that opens, make sure there are check marks next to the options Bandwidth, Network and Automatic Mapping port and click Start the test to proceed to test the connection.

Step 4: Once the above configuration is done, if you see two green check marks appear on the right side of the window of uTorrent, everything went in the right direction and application parameters were adjusted in an optimal manner. Just click Save & Close to apply the changes.

Note: If you see one or two "x" red appear, it implies that there are connection problems. This means that you have to configure uTorrent in your router (if the "x" appears next to the phrase band only,then simply try to select another server from the drop-down menu and restart the test).

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How to Configure uTorrent on Router?

To Configure uTorrent on the router,you must make sure that the device allows the application to communicate with the network by "opening" the door that it uses to handle torrent files. If you do not know how to do it, follow these steps.

Steps to Configure uTorrent on Router

Step 1: Go to the menu Options >> Settings in uTorrent and select the  Connection from the sidebar on the left: the value you have set in the router is the one indicated in Port used for incoming connections.

Step 2: Now open the browser and connect to the configuration panel of the router by typing the address or . When you are prompted to enter a username and password, if you do not know what data to enter, try one of the predefined combinations: admin / admin or admin / password . If that dint work, consult your device manual to find the correct data to be entered.

Step 3: At this point, you have to proceed to the so-called "open" ports in the router to speed up uTorrent.

Note: It is a procedure that varies from device to device, so I can not give you very specific directions about. Generally, you should go to the section of the control panel of the router for the configuration of the LAN connection (or alternatively in the areas firewall or sharing of games and applications ), start creating a new virtual server (or a new rule of the firewall) and set as public port and local port (or initial port and end port ) the port used by the application to communicate with the network.

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A detailed explaination about configuring utorrent on Netgear Router is given here. (Portforward).

Alternative method to Speed up uTorrent

Another very effective method to speed up uTorrent that you should apply (when possible) is to use Torrent files with a large number of peers , i.e. sources, to their credit. The higher the number of people who share a file and, in fact, the faster the download.

To find out what torrents with more peers you can use search engines like Torrentz , which allows you to search any type of file on all major Torrent sites. In this way, you can quickly discover which links are more reliable and faster.

If you face any difficulties in configuring the utorrent, please feel free to contact me or you can leave a comment below.

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