How to use uTorrent on Mac

By on Sunday, June 15, 2014

In the previous article I showed you how to speed up utorrent. I will continue to provide some useful information about utorrent. In this article I will show you how to use utorrent on Mac. So Gear up and lets get started!

How to Download uTorrent on Mac

Before we see in detail how to use uTorrent Mac , you must download and install the application on your computer. Go to the Internet site of uTorrent and click Get uTorrent to start the download of utorrent. Open the file you just downloaded (uTorrent.pkg) and first click on Continue, and then click Decline offer, again Continue, Install and Close to complete the installation of uTorrent.

How to use uTorrent on Mac

Now you can begin to use uTorrent Mac for downloading your favorite files from the Internet. Go to Torrentz.eu or any other site that allows to search for content on the BitTorrent network and click Downoad link to download the .torrent file. When the download is complete open by double clicking on it, the link and uTorrent should start automatically with the Torrent you just downloaded on your Mac.

uTorrent also supports the so-called magnet links , links now widespread on the Torrent sites that allow you to download files with a single click without having to first download links. To use them properly, click on the red magnet that is located on the download page of the file you want to download with uTorrent and the program will "intercept" automatically.

If clicking on a magnet link or opening a torrent file does not start uTorrent and if it startes another P2P client installed on your Mac (like iTransmission), you must set up uTorrent as your default application for downloading Torrent files.

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How to set uTorrent as a default appilication on Mac

Open uTorrent, Go to Preferences >> General. In the window that opens, Click on the Check now button and confirm that you want to set uTorrent as a default application.

Once you have started to download a file with uTorrent on Mac, but despite this has a large number of sources ( seed / peer ), the download speed is very low? Probably the port used by the program to perform the download is blocked by the router. If you want to speed up uTorrent by unblocking or changing the port for the utorrent, My guide on how to speed up utorrent would help you.

If you still have any doubts about how to use utorrent on Mac or to speed up uTorrent, you can contact me or leave a comment below, so that I can help you.

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