10 Facebook Tricks that you always wanted to know!

By on Friday, June 07, 2013

Facebook changes constantly by adding new functions when you least expect it. Serves now a booklet in order to "tame". Here are ten facebook tips and tricks for using it a little better.

"Did you know you can schedule status update on Facebook?"
There are and there are - Facebook is now accessible from any device that connects to the web: not only computers but also smartphones and tablet. Update your profile is then an operation, almost always, possible. And that "almost" disappears completely thanks to many web tools to plan your status society. One of the best services that allows you to schedule updates on Facebook is definitely Hootsuite-which also works for Twitter-but there are also Postcron, Buffer. Also try Sendible.

Social - Firefox users can also update your profile directly from the browser by installing the add-on FireStatus. And not just to update on Facebook, but also on Twitter and FriendFeed.

You have deleted? -If you feel that someone has deleted from his list of friends, say that is not a big loss. But if it is a thought that makes you sleep at night, we see then how to fix it. There are two free services that keep an eye on your contacts: Who deleted me and the new In & Out. Both, however, come into action when you register and are able to keep the "count" of former friends only when you start to use them.

My password is ...-change the password for the online services is a good habit, but if then you forget and cannot get into Facebook? Quite a problem. If you were to happen, it's good to know that you can retrieve it with FacebookPasswordDecryptor.  How does he do? Because, unless otherwise set, the major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox store.

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Put the gag-if you become a user of Facebook, and you've never done a great selection at the entrance, it is likely that your friends, contacts and acquaintances are hundreds. Just one click to remove them if you reveal too "noisy" or pushy, but there is also a more diplomatic way to put it to rest. When you see their latest post "out of place", click on the downward arrow and cancel incoming updates from that person.

Chat Alternative-we admit now that are real fans of chat and the chat on Facebook it goes a bit tight. Here's an interesting alternative: the program Chit Chat that brings Facebook chat on desktop of your computer. You can also try Gabtastik and digsby.

The original Chat-I don't know you, but I before I was accustomed to use asterisks (*) to put the words in bold type in the chat and the underscore (_) to emphasize. Now it is no longer possible. There is actually a ploy to return to format the text, slightly more laborious than in the past because it involves installing an add-on in Firefox and Chrome browsers. You can find it on the site of Social Plus.

Closed for holidays - okay the freedom of speech, but you never know what could write and post a friend on your page. If you plan to take a vacation from Facebook, maybe you should lower the door until you get back. How to do it? Change your privacy settings and prohibits anyone to write on your wall. Then go into  your connection by  >  Edit Settings  and change the answer to the question  Who can post on your wall?  for  Friends  to  Just me . Remember to re-enable when you get back.

Notification of drowning-it's nice to know everything going on Facebook, but the risk is being bombarded by messages and messages of all kinds. The more drastic solution is to disable the email Frequency setting Notifications area of your account. Or manually select what you receive from the social network, and you decide. The voices are many.

Upside - do you want to impress your friends? Write your updates on the contrary using FlipText, a nice web service completely free.

More Facebook tips and tricks,will be posted soon...Stay tuned!

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