Experts Suggestion: How to Extend battery life of an iphone and ipad

By on Friday, July 05, 2013

Many iPhone owners charge smartphones every day,transforming the everyday rituals like brushing your teeth and your morning coffee. Others have resorted to using the battery charger only after the battery is completely depleted. But, one way or another, all owners of smartphones and tablets would like to rid themselves of the need to change too often served their batteries with new ones. Recently Experts announced their verdict: If you want your gadgets battery to last as long as possible, do not charge the phone to the maximum.

According to Energysafe (Russian site), too frequent charging of battery can cause small damage to it. However, about once a month you should perform a full discharge/charge cycle.

We recommend that you charge phones battery by not more than 50%. In General, optimal battery charge level is between 40% to 80%. The experts also debunked the myth that new phone to be charged within 72 hours before you use it to "remember" what it feels like to be fully charged. Such advice is valid when working with nickel batteries, but in the case of lithium-ion batteries, which are used in newer phones, it is completely untenable.

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Experts also advise not to expose the phone to extremely low/high temperatures. Recommended storage temperature of most batteries is 15 ° C (59 ° F), the maximum safe temperature, usually varies from 40 ° C to 50 ° C. With an average temperature of 25 ° C lithium-ion battery will lose 20% of its maximum capacity every year. At 40 ° C the capacity is an annual fall of 35%.Therefore, it is best to avoid wireless Chargers: inductive Wireless charging devices generate excess heat, which makes the battery of your device "toast".

You can extend the battery life by setting the brightness on the phone screen and turn off the applications that use GPS, such as geo-location services. In regions with poor signal turn on airplane mode, your phone will not spend valuable electricity at finding nearby base stations and establish connections with them. In addition, it is useful to lock your phone when not in use, and use a silent ringtone.

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