Android 4.3 comes with always-on Wi-Fi and other new features

By on Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The new version of Android 4.3 will include a new feature that will save battery life while using wireless interfaces.Android Police, is the website which had examined the leaked out firmware for the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Android 4.3 operating system will retain the designation of the Jelly Bean, and therefore nothing revolutionary new about it. But some internal improvements made "under the hood", can greatly affect the battery life of the device.

In particular, the new version Android 4.3 entered configuration that leaves part of Wi-Fi enabled at all times. The meaning of this function is that the smartphone or tablet will not resort to using energy-consuming GPS and will saves battery by determining the location of a person on the basis of the access points Wi-Fi. To permanently disable the module, you need to look in the settings option "Scan always available" and take off his bird.

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Also, a new iteration of the Jelly Bean would support the latest version of Bluetooth is Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy, low Power consumption). This support is important, first of all, that growth is expected in the near future in all wearable electronics (watches, glasses) that will connect to your Smartphone via Bluetooth, and battery life is one of the most important priorities.

Another feature Android 4.3 will be supporting is,one of the latest graphics OpenGL ES 3.0 standard, which should bring mobile games (in terms of graphics) to the next level. Also, OS will support a new type of notification that can only show their system applications, Google itself or the device manufacturer.
The main innovations are expected in Android 5.0. They say that the next major release of Android, code-named Key Lime Pie ("key lime pie") will go beyond smartphones and tablets. According to the manufacturers, the OPERATING SYSTEM will be able to deploy  to other hardware based products, including a variety of housewares, appliances, smart watches and other electronic devices.

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