Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks 2014

By on Friday, January 17, 2014

WhatsApp is an instant messaging service, but in reality it hides some tips and tricks that  everyone (including Blackberry, Nokia, Android, iPhone users) needs to know to make the most out of WhatsApp.

In this Guide i'l show you all the latest tweaks and tricks of WhatsApp. So without wasting time we'l move to look at all the tips and tricks of WhatsApp.

How to Lock your WhatsApp with Password
To improve the privacy of your WhatsApp conversation, you can lock your WhatsApp.

For Android Devices:
  • You can lock your WhatsApp using a simple App to provide privacy.
  • The best feature of this app is it can take the photo of those who tried to access your Whatsapp messages with invalid pin! 
  • It has a Simple user Interference. 
  • Click Here to Download the App to lock WhatsApp.
For Blackberry Devices:
  • Here is a simple app to lock your WhatsApp easily.

How to Disable Last Seen on WhatsApp
  • You can Disable the Last Seen feature on WhatsApp by simply downloading WhatsApp Hide LastSeen App
  • Once  the app is downloaded, open it and click on "Block last Seen"
  • Your job is done!

How to use WhatsApp without using your Phone number
You can use WhatsApp without giving your phone number. If you dont believe, then see the below points:
  • First Download WhatsApp.
  • Once completed, we know it'll send the verification message to the server.
  • Main trick exists in this step, you need to block that message servuce and this can be accomplished very easily 
  • The thing that you need to do to block the message service is, put your mobile in Filght Mode.
  • Now WhatsApp chooses an alternative way to verify, choose the verify through email option and give your email address and then click on send option, once this is done, immediately cancel the sending message option.
  • Now you need to perform message spoofing
  • After the spoofing is done, you will recieve messages intended for the spoofed number and then you can use your WhatsApp to communicate with people with your spoofed number.
How to Hack the Conversation of Your Friend
You can read the conversations of your friends by following the below given steps:

  • First Goto MicroSD card >> WhatsApps >> Databases
  • In Databases, you'l find files named it in the following format

Take these 2 files from your friends Android smartphone or any other smartphone and then you can read all the conversations of your friend!

How to Recover deleted Conversation
For iPhones:
  • Download and install WhatsApp Recovery on your PC.
  • Then connect your iPhone to your PC;
  • Suppose that you have completely lost the backup,then select the complete recovery;
  • WhatsApp Recovery will then perform a quick scan;
  • At the end will see all messages in red and you can recover those lost;
  • Then click on Export specifying the format of recovery (.xls, .txt and .xml) and you're done.
For Android Devices:
  • Uninstall Whatsapp android and then re-install it from Android Market (Google play) 
  • The android app with a chatterbox will ask you to restore the chat, click Yes to retrieve your conversations on Whatsapp.

How to block a contact on Whatsapp
This is very easy. If you get a message from an unknown number, you can block him by clicking "Block" that appears at the top of the message received from the unknown number.

If you want to block a contact, Go to Settings >> Contacts >>Blocked Contatcs:None and then you can add the contacts that you want to block.

How to know whether you are blocked by your Friends on WhatsApp
There are 2 ways to know if you are blocked on your Friends list.
  • The first is to determine, from the chat window, whether you can view the status or the last visit by the contact.If you can't view the status then its an indication that you are blocked.
  • The second and final method is to observe messages you've sent to the contact. Theoretically, if that contact has blocked you then you would'nt get the double checkmark in messages that you sent.

Other Tips & Tricks:
  • We can maintain more than one WhatsApp account on a single device without rooting.
  • We can disable the automatic download of videos by going to Settings >> Chat Settings >> Media auto-download, here you can select your option.
If you have any other WhatsApp tricks feel free to mention them in the comments below..

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