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By on Sunday, February 09, 2014

Facebook, best social networking site has made many changes from the time it has started. Every change that they made was to improve the experience of its users, but with all those updates, there came up many more Facebook tips and tricks that all users may not be aware of..so in this article i'l show you some of the useful tricks so that you can make the most out of Facebook. So Gear up and continue...

1. View Private Profile pics in full size

Have you ever tried of seeing the profile picture of the people who was not actually present in your friends list? Did u succeed in seeing their pictures even when they make their pics Private? If your answer is no..

Here's the facebook trick to make it possible!
1. Go to the profile picture you wanted to see and open it in a New Tab or New Window
2. Now in that tab's address bar, you may see the URL like:

3. Now Delete the 160x160 and press Enter.

You are done! Now you can see the full sized pic in your browser.

2. Post a blank status

If you want to post a blank status on your Facebook wall, it cannot be done in the normal way just like you update your status every time. Try it once...you might get a pop up like this:

Here's the facebook trick to post a blank status
1. Simply type the following in the update box
@[0:0: ]
If you want to have several blank lines in your status, just copy and paste the above code, that's it!

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3. Disable "Seen" Option in Facebook Chat

Had you been through a situation where you were busy and your friends want to chat with you? In those cases you just want to ignore those messages, but the "Seen" feature in Facebook chat might put you in trouble..right? Don't worry..

Here's the facebook trick to hide "Seen" option in Facebook Chat.
For Chrome Browser:

1. Download Facebook Unseen.
2. Once it's installed, you should see the Facebook Unseen icon like this:

3.Click on the icon to be sure it’s enabled. When it’s working, you should see the following message:

For Mozilla Firefox Browser:

1. Download Grease Monkey
2. Now you have to install Facebook Stealth
3. That's it you are done!

For Internet Explorer:

1. Download the Chat Undetected plugin (Chat Undetected will also work for Chrome and Firefox Browsers).
2. Here's a detailed explanation on how to use Chat Undetected.

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4. Download Facebook Album in a single Click!

Have you came through any situation where you loved all the pics in an Facebook album and wanted to download all those pics together? Can you download the entire album at once..? The answer is Yes..

Here's the Trick to download Facebook Album at a single go:
1. Open Pick N Zip page and Log in with your Facebook account details.
2. Pick N Zip allows you to download photos in which your were tagged and  also all friends albums.
3. Once you logged in with Facebook details, you will find a list containing all your friends names on the left side as a list. (Refer Screenshot)
4. Select any of your friend’s name and then all the albums related to that person are listed.
5. From there, you can download a single photo or entire album, and job is done!

Using Pick N Zip, you can even download the photos from Groups or Pages.

Many more Facebook tips and tricks are yet to be discussed..I'l explain them in the next post! Mean while leave your feedback in the comments below :)

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