How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog/Website with Reddit

By on Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Reddit is a social bookmarking website and a kind of bulletin board system that can drive huge traffic to your blog/website,if used properly.

Here is a simple example to show the power of Reddit, Imran Uddin, founder of AllTechBuzz has stated that his blog AllTechBuzz has received 4.6 lakh pageviews for a single post in 2 weeks using Reddit. Here's the Screenshot below:

Just like Facebook and Twitter you can increase blog traffic using Reddit by following these simple steps.

How to Create an Account in Reddit?

For creating an account in Reddit, all you need to do is signup with any available username and password. You don't even need to provide your email id while signing up! Redditor's right to anonymity makes the discussions on reddit more honest and insightful.

Reddit accepts two types of submissions:
1. Link submissions (You can share the link of the article that you like)
2. Text Submissions (You can submit the article to the subreddit)

Just like Groups in Facebook, Reddit contains Subreddits. Each Subreddit has its own topic for example some of the subreddits that are existing are funny, pics, Android, News etc. Each Subreddit has some guidelines to be followed while posting the content,violating these guideline may result in the removal of your link from the subreddit. Every Subreddit has more than one moderators who actually monitor the subreddit regularly and keeps the subreddit free from spam.

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Reddit Karma

Your Reddit Karma score signifies the amount of value you have added to the community. If your posts do well and receives more number of up votes it increases your karma points. The new Reddit accounts will contain 1 link karma and 0 comment karma.Once you start participating in the discussions and keep submitting high quality links, you can see increase in your karma score.

How to increase blog traffic using Reddit?

Here are some useful tips using which you can drive traffic to your blog/website using Reddit.

1. Quality Content

- Two things that Reddit do not encourage are, content being re-posted and submitting low quality content. So make sure that the links that your are submitting are of good quality so that users can up-vote your link and thereby you can increase you karma score.

- Posts with Deceiving Headlines will not fetch you good results in Reddit and may sometimes leads to blocking your account.

- Don't submit links from only your site, if you do that Reddit considers your account as a spam. One special feature of Reddit is that it fights spam using active accounts i.e. even though a user's account has been banned by Reddit, it still allows the user to log in with his credentials and the user can normally submit the links to Reddit but they won't add any value to the community.

Note: To check whether your account is existing or it's been banned by Reddit, once you log out from your Reddit account,Type in the following URL in the browser:
When you enter this URL, if you see a screen shot something like this, then your account has been banned by Reddit!

- Link submission is a great way to drive traffic to the blog but in case you want Reddit’s opinion on a certain topic, you can ask via submitting a text post.

2. Choose appropriate SubReddit

- Dont just submit your story or link to some random subreddit, it won't fetch you result.
- You need to do some research to choose a correct subreddit that can drive traffic to your blog/website.
- First, search for the subreddit that matches the content of your link. For example, if you have written an article that is related to Android Apps like How to block websites on Android, then you should search for subreddits related to Androidapps.

- Before posting or submitting the link, read the rules of the subreddiit carefully.
- Make sure that the subreddit that you choose to post the link, has good number of subscribers.
- Try to post the link to the selected subroutine at a time when you see maximum number of online members in that subreddit.
- Try to participate in the discussions and up-vote articles that were posted by others on that subreddit.

Here's the screenshot showing the engagement that we have received on one of our posts on Reddit.

If you will follow all the tips that are mentioned above, you can notice an increase in traffic to your blog/website.
Note: If you are already a reddit user, you might know that imgur links works great on Reddit. So, if you want to get more traffic from Reddit, upload any of the creative image to imgur and then share it on Reddit,it works great. Trust me!

If you face any difficulties in driving traffic to your blog/website using Reddit, you can leave your problem in the comments below or you can contact me.

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