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By on Monday, March 24, 2014

Music has been a part of our life with the advancement of smartphones. When there is no one to give you a company, music is always availabe for you to pass the time. Music is everywhere, in schools,movies,stores etc. Music is a universal language and you dont have to know about the lyrics to understand a songs meaning.

Music lovers would be glad to know that App Store has a huge collection of brilliant apps that will make your listening much more interesting. Here are the Best Music apps that are available in App Store.


Songkick is a free app that allows you to access music libraries in your device.The advantage of this app is that you can find out the details about your favourite band's events. This app keeps you updated with the latest concerts that are going on in your area.This app is best for the people who love concerts.

DOWNLOAD | Songkick


Listen is another free app that allows to listen to music while riding bike. The best part of this app is that,it is guesture based app and you don't need to touch your iPhone/iPad to change the songs, you can swipe left or right to play,replay or to skip a song. To add a music library, all you need to do is to swipe up. TO access the music library,swipe down.


Google Play Music:

Google play music is a free app and it is a competitor to Apple iTunes Radio.This app allows users to access customized Radio stations and also allows then to create unlimited album list.

DOWNLOAD | Google Play Music


Spotify is another free app which allows you to listen to radio music on your device.The free version contains ads. If you want the app without ads then you need to go for the premium.This app can also be integrated with Facebook and you can share music to other subscribers as well.

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CanOpener is a paid app which allows you to control the settings that you have in your music player like equalizer,crossfeed and dosimete.While listening a song in your headphones, you can increase bass as well.It is available in the App Store for $ 0.99

DOWNLOAD | CanOpener


Stezza is also a paid app that allows you to customize the display of your music player in your iPhone/iPad. You can change the music controls into buttons so that it would be easy for you.It is the best music playing for cruising. It is available in App Store for $ 0.99


The above list of music apps would enrich the spirit of music. Grab anyone of these apps and enjoy..:)

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