Top 10 Best Rated Free iPhone Apps of 2014

By on Thursday, March 27, 2014

In the previous post we have discussed about the best music apps that are available in Apple Store.Here, in this article we present you the Top 10 Best Rated apps that are available in the Apple Store for free,which you might be missed to install in your iPhone.

Best Rated Free iPhone Apps

Bill Guard:

Bill Guard is a free app that allows you to manage and track all your financial statements easily. Once you have this app in your iPhone, there is no need for you to worry about your credit card statements.There is no other app available in the Apple store that provides sucha useful service.It is a must install app for all the business people. 

DOWNLOAD | Bill Guard


EasilyDo app is like your personal assistant.This app can be connected to all the services running on your iPhone like email,calender,Facebook etc, it looks for all the tasks that are to be done and it will do it on your behalf.
For example, you can schedule a birthday post on one of your friend's facebook timeline and EasilyDo will complete the task at the scheduled time on behalf of you. It is an awesome app that saves your time. It is available in Apple Store for free. 


Find My iPhone:

Find My iPhone is a must install app for all the iPhone users. It comes in handy when you forget your iPhone placing it some where. It is very easy to set up a free account and you can locate your iPhone within few seconds.It is a free app.

DOWNLOAD | Find My iPhone

Adobe Photoshop Express:

Adobe Photoshop Express is also a free app that enables you to edit your favorite pics right away from your iPhone/iPad itself, as shown above.

Around Me:

Around Me is another free app that allows you to find local places like bars,restaurants,hospitals,banks etc around you.This app uses Google Maps for its results.Around Me is a perfect app for travelers.

DOWNLOAD | Around Me


Wikipanion is also a free app.Its like a wikipedia for your iPad or iPhone,it works good on your iPhone but it is a dedicated Wiki mobile app for your mobile.

DOWNLOAD | Wikipanion

Run Keeper:

Run Keeper is another free app that keep track of your jogging and cycling routes,amount of calories burned etc. It is a recommended app for the people who like to be fit and healthy.

DOWNLOAD | Run Keeper


Shazam is one of the music apps that can listen for a music clip playing and it can search and tell you which music track is being played.The results of Shazam may not be correct all the time but it's worth a download.This app is available in Apple Store for free.



OoVoo is another free app that allows you to make voice calls,video calls,group calls and IM. It is available on major platforms like iOS,Windows,Android. This a best app for the people who love to stick with their buddies.


Pocket App:

Pocket App is also called as Read it Later, which allows to save you favourite webpages so that you can read them later. It does not save the advertisements on those webpages. This app is available for free in Apple Store.  

DOWNLOAD | Pocket App

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