How to Block Ads on Android Apps, Games & Browsers

By on Sunday, April 13, 2014

Ads are the most distracting things for most of the internet surfers.Most of these ads are irrelevant to many people. Recently, ads started to appear even on smartphones and tablets not while surfing the net but also while playing games and using some apps.There are so many extensions available for the users to block ads on android apps, Ad Block Plus is one of the most popular extension that is available for android users.

In previous post, we have written an article on downloading play store apps on pc. In this post we try to explain two methods to block ads on android apps,games and browser.

How to Block Ads on Android apps, games and Browser?

We have a trick that is used to block ads in windows Operating system and we can use the same trick on Android smartphones too, that is hosts file trick.

Step 1: We have collected some websites which shows ads on android apps, games and saved them in one text file, you need to download that text file.

DOWNLOAD | Hosts file

Step 2: Once the file is downloaded, you should change the file name to hosts.

Note: If you don't change the file name, then this trick will not work!

Step 3: Once the file name is changed, transfer that file to android system folder.Inside system folder, navigate to /etc folder and then paste the hosts file that contains list of websites that show ads on android apps and games.

Step 4: Now, rename the file name from hosts.txt to hosts.bak because there would be one hosts file already in that directory. 

Instead of renaming the file, you can just copy all the websites from hosts file and paste the websites list in your smartphone system hosts file which is in /system/etc folder.

Note: To paste the hosts file you should have the administrative rights, if the above trick doesn't work then you need to root your android mobile. If you don't know how to root an android phone, you can check my guide on rooting android phone, this will help you.

Step 5: Once all the above steps are completed, restart your smartphone and see whether ads are blocked or not.Most of the ads will be removed with this trick, but it still needs some improvements. We will add some more websites to this list in future.

Block ads on Android apps, games and browsers using Adblock plus for Android

This is a simple and useful method to block ads but you require to do some configurations. You can download adblock plus for android using the below link.

If your android mobile is rooted, then install this app with superuser permissions, then it'l work effectively. If your android device is not rooted, then you need to additional configurations like manual proxy setting. You check those configuration details from adblock plus website. (Settings for Non Rooted Android Samrtphones)

Block Ads on Websites with Adblock Plus Firefox Extension

If the above explained process seem tedious for you, you can use Firefox extension to blcok ads on websites only. For that you need to download adblock plus extension for Firefox using below link.

After installing this extension, just restart your browser and check ads are appearing or not.

These are the working methods to block ads on websites and android apps, games. If you have any problem while installing this app feel free to comment below.

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