Top 17 Best Google Chrome Extensions

By on Friday, May 02, 2014

According to Stat Counter, Google Chrome is the second most widely used browser worldwide. Clean interface,easy syncing with mobile devices and swift performance made Chrome a popular and user friendly browser. Chrome Browser also has plenty of extensions available on Chrome web store. Here is the list of 14 best Google Chrome extensions that might be helpful to all Chrome users.

Top 17 Best Google Chrome Extensions

1. Hover Zoom

This indispensable plug-in displays a full size version of whatever image you hover the mouse over. Works on both thumbnails and text links, and if it's an album you can scroll through the pics with the arrow keys. Absolute game changer.

DOWNLOAD | Hover Zoom

2. Hola Better Internet (formerly Hola Unblocker)

No more 'This video is not available in your region' messages. This stops region blocking between various countries and territories.

3. Google Dictionary

Double-click any word for a definition of it.

DOWNLOAD | Google Dictionary

4. Tab Wrangler

Automatically closes unused tabs after a period of time (but saves them in case you suddenly need them back). Because face it you're never going to get round to watching that 12-minute Vimeo video.

DOWNLOAD | Tab Wrangler

MUST CHECK:  Set password for Google Chrome Browser

5. avast! Online Security

Really good, free browser security that among other things warns you about sites with a bad reputation.

6. Readability

Hit 'Read now' and distracting webpage clutter will melt away leaving you just with the crucial text.

DOWNLOAD | Readability

7. Minimalist for Everything

And if you really hate internet noise, slim down webpages even further with this extension.

8. Adblock Plus

Disables adverts on all webpages and even blocks those you find on YouTube videos. You can set it to allow them on the specific sites you want to support (most free sites are funded by ad revenue).

DOWNLOAD | Adblock Plus

9. Stay Focused

This can block or limit the minutes you spend on time-wasting websites. Bit of a novelty, but good for the very easily distracted.

DOWNLOAD | Stay Focused

10. Magic Actions for YouTube

Functions include auto-playing YouTube videos in HD, one-click cinema mode and one-click screenshots. YouTube is already pretty user-friendly, but this kicks it up a notch.

11. No Scroll Bars Please

If you use the mouse wheel to scroll, then why waste valuable screen space on scroll bars? This hides them.

12. FromDocToPDF

Yep, a free PDF converter.


13. The Great Suspender

Suspends tabs you're not currently using so they take up less CPU (Apple has worked this principle into its latest Mac OS).

14. Cloud To Butt Plus

Replaces the word 'cloud' with 'butt' everywhere. Most amusing when you forgot you installed the thing.

DOWNLOAD | Cloud To Butt Plus

15. Select and Speak

You Select a word and your PC will read it out!

DOWNLOAD | Select and Speak

16. Web Timer

Shows the amount of time you have spent on each website.

DOWNLOAD | Web Timer

17. Do not Track me

This extension prevents the websites from tracking your search queries.

DOWNLOAD | Do not Track me

We hope you like these Chrome extensions. If you have any trouble in installing these extensions please feel free to comment below...:)

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